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Sam DeMuro

California Teachers Association
Digital Editor
San Francisco Bay Area
Sam DeMuro is an educator interested in social change through storytelling. Born and raised in Boston, MA, she is brand new to California and the California Teachers Association this year. She has worked as a communications professional, educator, counselor and advocate in higher ed, nonprofit & public health settings for the past 10 years. Her academic background is in Gender and Cultural Studies, and her research focused on LGBTQ youth, identity politics and hashtag activism. She was first introduced to the power of social media storytelling through managing an HIV-prevention grant where she worked with LGBTQ youth in NYC (Harvey Milk HS/Hetrick-Martin Institute) to develop stories and videos for social media. She believes social media is an incredible tool to connect with others, strengthen voices, find alternate points of view, and make cultural shifts. She is passionate about youth empowerment, working class politics, quality TV, and rethinking what “counts” as politics. Sam also spends a lot of time convincing people to take the Myers-Briggs personality test. (She’s an ENFP!)